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Members and Chair(s)

During Meetings
Attend 3-4 meetings each year for 3 years beginning in Jan/Feb 2009. Meetings typically are about 3 days and occur over the weekend

Participate in substantive discussions about the content and standards for each chapter during the meetings

Between Meetings
Contribute heavily to the writing and revising of 1 or 2 chapters, and participate in the writing and revising of other chapters

Read and consider chapter reviews from Joint Committee members as well as numerous outside reviews

Review chapters written by other committee members

Participate in conference calls with Joint Committee members and chairs

Participate in conference presentations regarding the Standards

Additional Responsibilities for Chair(s)

Operate under the Joint Committee Charge developed by the Management Committee

Recommend to the Management Committee additional policy and procedures to govern the revision of the Standards

Develop procedures for communicating with each sponsoring organization – a representative from each organization will attend each meeting

Set the agenda for each meeting and chair each meeting

Monitor the committee functioning and work products

Work with Staff to organize Joint Committee meetings, review process, make presentations at conferences and open hearings

Work with Staff to ensure the Joint Committee is within budget

Participate in meetings and/or conference calls with the Management Committee regarding the progress of the Joint Committee and other issues

Participate in conference calls with Joint Committee members as needed


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