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Liaisons to the Joint Committee

Role of Liaisons to the Joint Committee for the Revision of the 1999 Standards

Each sponsoring organization is encouraged to appoint a liaison to the Joint Committee for the Revision to the 1999 Standards.  These liaisons will be appointed, if possible, for the duration of the revision process, expected to start in 2009 and be completed by 2012.  It will be desirable for the organizations to delay appointing their liaisons until members of the Joint Committee have been identified to avoid duplication in membership and liaison status.

These liaisons will be asked to communicate with their sponsoring organizations about substantive issues identified during meetings of the Joint Committee.  Agenda time will be allocated for liaisons to report on questions and issues of concerns from their sponsoring organizations. Liaisons will be asked to contribute to substantive discussions relevant to the liaison's expertise, at the discretion of the co-chairs.

Communicate on a regular basis (as determined by the sponsoring organization) with their sponsoring organization regarding substantive discussions and issues from Joint Committee meetings.
Communicate with the Joint Committee regarding issues and concerns from their sponsoring organization.
Participate in Joint Committee deliberations and discussions as deemed appropriate by the Co-Chairs
Maintain the confidentiality of all discussions and comments made among and between members of the Joint Committee, the Management Committee, and sponsoring organizations and their liaisons.
Interact with members of the Joint Committee in a professional and courteous manner at all times
Provide constructive feedback and receive it willingly
Express their opinions, but encourage and respect the opinions of others. 
Work in a manner that will encourage collaboration and compromise.

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